Report your drive-offs with 1 click

A new step in the fight against filling up without paying. Thousands of times a year, petrol stations have to deal with customers filling up without paying. Passing these customers on to a collection agency and making declarations takes a lot of time. PumpWatch is already helping today by making this administrative process easy. We are very happy to announce that we took the next step to make this even easier. This new functionality provides an integration between PumpWatch and collection of the fuel receipt by SODA. This allows drive-offs and deferred payments to be forwarded immediately. This saves time because PDF files or separate reports no longer have to be submitted. Because the status of the collection request can also be seen in PumpWatch, you can now manage all drivers directly in 1 place.

Why this collaboration?

Automatically indicate a drive-off with the correct images and information

The integration between PumpWatch and SODA ensures that a message to the collection agency can be created directly from the CCTV system.

1 central place for managing direct debit requests

Manage all direct debit requests directly from the PumpWatch archive. Due to the two-way information exchange, you can immediately see the status of all requests. Created the wrong one by accident? Simply withdraw your request.

Report the theft with 1 click

If the collection agency is authorized to also file charges, you can immediately report the drive-off with 1 click. No extra paperwork or sorting work. The correct information and images are sent directly to the correct authorities.