ENTV about the 8th edition of the Fuelday

BigBrother goes International

The customer experience - the day after tomorrow

An report by Erpec news (english)

For eight years BigBrothers annual Fuel Day has attracted retailers from across the Benelux region to share ideas and learn about the latest trends and innovations impacting the fuel retail industry. Over the last eight years society has witnessed exponential changes as technology continues to evolve and increasingly impacts the way we live our lives.

''Everything changes quickly and that is because the customer changes quickly. We have to know what the customer wants not just today but tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.'' explained BigBrother commercial director, Aart van Rooijen in his opening remarks to the 300 delegates in attendance. Indeed the theme running throughout the entire 2018 Fuel Day, held in Ede, 50km outside of Amsterdam was not merely technology, but how this technology can positively impact the customer experience. ''The bar of customer expectations has changed. This makes getting it right more complex for retailers but it should be easier for customers.'' explained Professor Steven Van Belleghem, a thought leader in the transformation of customer relationships and the future of marketing. ''Time is a customer's most valuable resource and so efficiency is crucial,'' he added.

In a month where the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data breach has brought the discussion about sharing personal data to the forefront of the world's consciousness, panellists from MyOrder, a2i and BigBrother were optimistic for the future: ''The data is already out there, what we are doing is capturing the insight and the correlations that exist in the data and then build a decision make system on top of that,'' explained Frodi Hammer, co-founder of a2i systems, a Danish company that uses artificial intelligence to recognise behaviours in transactional data. ''Data is the new gold, without it you can't match your customer's expectations,'' he added.

BigBrother, traditionally known for their security technology, have been collaborating with a2i Systems and MyOrder, a mobile payment solution, to better understand customer behaviours and to revolutionise the way customers refuel. ''Our technology is less about watching and more about opening our eyes to what is happening on the forecourt.'' explained Mr van Rooijen. ''We learned early on that instead of looking at competitors when it comes to pricing, you should look at your customers. Even looking at historical data we are able to start building a picture of consumer habits.''

By linking BigBrother's number plate recognition technology with MyOrder's payment solution 'On the Go!', customers will be able to drive on to a forecourt, refueld and drive away as their number plate is recognised by the systems and payment is issued. It is these kind of collaborations that will continue to develop and improve the customer experience in the fuel retail industy, but Mr Van Belleghem believes there is still plenty of room for innovation. ''I am really excited because the oppurtinities are huge. Currently it's a bit too conservative for my liking. It's a traditional platform that hasn't evolved much over time but imagine if you can change your petrol station into a physical location that acts as a digital playform where data becomes a crucial element to personalise services.''