From the business of today to the business of the future

BigBrother has an ambitious goal. Our products and services set the standard in the field of security, control and data science. We innovate to stay ahead of the future. From that perspective, we can fulfil our commitment: helping companies in the petrol station and retail market to transform the business of today to the business of the future!


Security is not about watching but about opening your eyes


Every step is the beginning of the next one


We deliver undeniable knowledge


We don’t sell systems, we offer improvement.


We make it work!

100% retail

BigBrother is 100% retail. This means that our customers are located in the retail environment, from gas station to shopping street. This focus allows us to develop our products specifically for the needs of entrepreneurs and professionals in this market.

100 experts

BigBrother employs an international team of about a hundred specialists. We attach great importance to everyone's role in that team; from mechanic to software engineer and from project preparer to specialist behind the scenes. BigBrother focuses on the individual development of each employee and invests in innovation of knowledge and skills.

5.000 systems

More than 5,000 locations count on PumpWatch every day. Because we use PumpWatch on this scale, we know the importance of a solid and reliable system. PumpWatch identifies dangerous situations and ensures the correct burden of proof in the event of risks and fraud. The hardware and software combination that we develop and assemble in-house ensures that we offer this reliable platform at the lowest total cost of ownership. A unique combination.

Our branches

Ede, The Netherlands

Wilrijk, Belgium

Cluj, Romania


We work for the best brands


Theo Thonissen - Station Controller Total NL

“By using PumpWatch, we can act more effectively against internal fraud. Every year we confront 30 to 40 employees with images of their fraud as irrefutable evidence. ”


“With Watch-it, we meet the legal requirements for allowing supervised fuel transactions at our unmanned stations. More than 300,000 customers have already filled up safely thanks to Watch-it.”


"We have reduced our drive-offs by 75%."