Stop false number plates and fuel thieves

Fuel thieves are a thorn in the side of the petrol station operators. It costs money, it takes time and it is frustrating for anyone who has to deal with it. Until now shop attendants were powerless in the face of such brutality. AutoAlert puts an end to this! Because AutoAlert alerts and informs the checkout employee about registered fuel thieves and false number plates. Even before the filling starts. Prevent theft! With AutoAlert.

  • Identification of every customer before the pump starts
  • Car details visible of each car on the forecourt
  • Acoustic and visual alarm in case of identification based on the blacklist


Active signalling on the basis of number plate and vehicle information.


Immediate risk assessment even before the filling starts.


By not releasing the pump, brutal theft can be avoided

“The number of drivers leaving without paying has decreased by 70 % thanks to AutoAlert.”

Jochen van der Voort - Petrol station Zwart