The origin of PriceCast Fuel

The system that works for you


Developed from within the petrol market

With approximatly 700 manned and unmanned stations, OK Benzin is one of the largest retail fuel operator in the Danish petrol market. The Danish petrol market has been defined for years as a very competitive and fluctuating fuel prices througout the day are the standard here.

Since 2011, the Danish company, a2i systems, has been developing industry-specific business intelligence systems that focus on consumer behavior and price optimization by using big data and artificial intelligence.


Automation and Optimization

Manually changing the price several times a day at 700 stations was very time-consuming and labor-intensive for OK Benzin, but necessary to remain competitive in the Danish petrol market. Here the paths of OK Benzin and a2i systems crossed.

A2i systems was contacted to improve the way OK conducted their pricing policy and to optimize their pricing. By developing an industry-specific version of their PriceCast system, PriceCast Fuel, a2i systems was able to ensure that OK can automatically handle dynamic prices at all of their locations.

The OK stations are spread throughout Denmark and each station has its own unique market situation. Therefore it is crucial that a different strategy can easily be implemented per location and per fuel.

OK and a2i started a pilot to test PriceCast Fuel in the Danish petrol market and it immediately showed them that OK was able to improve their margins without losing market share by using the system. From here, OK has started to fully deploy the system across their entire network.