Just Start to wash

Your car wash comes to life

Just Start to wash offers even greater convenience. This module, which uses the Car module, enables automatic payments. The customer just drives into the car wash. Once his number plate is recognised, the required programme starts automatically. No code, cash or payment card needed. This results in extreme ease of use for the customer, faster handling and the opportunity to approach customers personally via the app.

  • Automatic payment for carwashing
  • Subscription for unlimited car washes
  • Prepaid credits

The convenience of Just Start to Wash in a Car Wash

The convenience of Just Start to Wash in a rollover


Fully automated payment on the basis of number plate.


Greater convenience leads to higher customer loyalty.


Ease of use, quicker handling, new marketing opportunities.

"Just start to Wash brings your car wash to life, whereby the customer experience is totally changed."

Steven Van Belleghem - Keynote speaker