The digital control room

Watch-it is a powerful remote platform that allows you to adequately handle alarms and events. The application sends all relevant images of a critical event to a specific user, who can check and handle the situation with a single click. In other words, specific images are directly received by the right operator rather than a generic group of persons. This enables him to take action immediately and efficiently, on-site or remotely. Thanks to Watch-it, alarms are quickly handled and registered by means of an automatic e-mail notification.

Electronic Pump Release through the use of push messages


  • Virtual Close Protection;
  • Immediate pump, price sign or OPT failure notification;
  • Alarm with authentication image in case of emergency stop activation;
  • Unmanned LPG refuelling by remote pump activation;
  • Your petrol stations permanently online;
  • Intercom integration
  • Controlled access to service providers.


Digital control room with push messages


An immediate accurate view of events


Focused action thanks to optimal risk assessment