Starting with PriceCast Fuel

PumpWatch as the heart of PriceCast Fuel

To get started with your pricing through PriceCast Fuel, the system needs data. This is where PumpWatch joins in the equation as the heart of the solution. Thanks to the integration that PumpWatch has with your back-office system, PumpWatch can facilitate the data flow from your back-office system to PriceCast Fuel and vice versa. Due to this integration PriceCast Fuel can adjust fuel prices automatically and ensure that the adjusted prices are immediately visible on your price board.

Plug & Play solution

PriceCast Fuel is what we call a Plug & Play solution. This means that as soon as the necessary hardware and software has been installed, you can immediately start pricing your fuels through PriceCast Fuel.


The moment we receive the order to make PriceCast Fuel possible at your station, we start by identifying whether a hardware installation is required. If so, we will schedule a moment with you for this hardware installation.

We then install the necessary software. For locations where no new hardware is needed, the installation of the software can be done remotely. This allows you to get started with PriceCast Fuel as soon as possible.

Setting up the PriceCast Fuel dashboard + training

When the installation is complete, we will contact you to schedule a moment to set up the PriceCast Fuel dashboard and where we will provide you with a training on how to use the system. We help you by correctly setting up the system and make sure that you can adjust your pricing strategies individually.

Biweekly consultation

After you get started with PriceCast Fuel, we offer you a biweekly consultation in which we look together at the results the system is achieving. We will help you adjust the system if needed and we will share our insights with you. In addition, you can always contact us if you have any questions about the system.