Smart modules for every situation at your station

Various intelligent extensions are possible with PumpWatch as the eyes and brain behind security. In addition to optimum safety, you ensure higher efficiency, improved customer experience and more turnover.

Smart modules

EV module

Insight in transactions

The EV module links CCTV images to the EV transactions by integrating PumpWatch with the Fuel Controller or POS system. The recordings start automatically as soon as the charger is being used. This makes it very easy to retrieve the footage.

All CCTV images are linked to EV transactions

Quickly retrievable images, for example based on transaction number

Full insight into and control of all transactions

Car module

Digital number plate recognition

Thanks to the Car module, the number plate of all customers at the charger is digitally read and stored. Besides the basic functionality to recognise and register known license plates, the Car module offers a range of new options. For example: automatic payment, customised marketing actions and more.

Search transactions by license plate Recognize your customer based on the license plate


Always in contact with your station

With the Portal module you are always and everywhere in contact with your EV station. This way you can safely run the various applications that allow you to watch live or search previously recorded images and events. All recorded images are available 24/7 and the many practical search functions make it easy to find answers to your questions. This allows you to assess risky situations and improve the service, without the need to be there.

Access to all remote applications Integration in highly secured networks possible Secure access to location (s) from anywhere Instantly view recorded and live images


Quickly and efficiently monitor all sites remotely

Snapshot allows you to periodically capture images of critical points that you can view through the Portal or the Eye-opening app. Very fast, because there is no need to connect to the station. The images of waste containers, lights, price boards and flags are already available in the Portal. Snapshot can email you a specific selection of snapshots on a daily basis. Thanks to the structural control at the places you find critical, you can increase the quality of your station remotely.

Snapshots are available online and through the eye-opening app

Mail irregularities directly to those responsible

Receive specific snapshots in your mailbox every day


Smart search method that quickly leads you to the right image

GeniusSearch is an advanced search method with which you can quickly find the right image. When searching, people are the weakest link, often we no longer know exactly when or where something took place. This is not a problem for GeniusSearch's binary search system: "about" is enough. You choose between two widely different times. You can also choose the location very broadly. GeniusSearch funnels the various "coarse" data so that you can find what you are looking for in a few steps. Never again endlessly flushing images.

With little information, find the right image quickly Make a selection through visual assessment Within a few steps the right event in front of you


The digital control room

Watch-it allows you to handle alarms and events in a much more targeted way. In the event of a critical event, Watch-it automatically sends the corresponding image to a dedicated employee, who can monitor and handle the situation with a single click. The correct image will not disappear in the group mailbox, but reaches the person responsible for the follow-up. That could be someone onsite or remote. Watch-it can create notifications which are then registered immediately via an automatic email notification.

Insight into operational events through push messages

Customer care solution for unmanned concepts