How does Count-it work?

Count-it plays a key role in securing a safe process in your retail environment. Therefore a flawless accuracy and performance of the system is mandatory. With Count-it we provide easy to use solution. The real-time data handling ensures a clear and effective communication with your customers.

Smart camera technology

By using smart camera technology we can count the number of people accurately and in real time. This means you always have an overview of the visitors capacity rate in your store.

Clear message

Count-it comes with a state-of-the-art screen displaying a clear and concise message for the customer. Additionally, this message can be personalized with your own logo, or prefered content. The screen can be mounted inside on the ceiling or outside on a portable installation.

PumpWatch integration

By integrating Count-it with PumpWatch we are able to enrich the existing customer insights based on license plates with valuable shop visitor insights.

Modular Implementation

  • The camera can be installed inside and outside the shop entrance.
  • Multi door solution available.
  • Count-it can be delivered in all of Europe.