Now that the lockdown measures in Europe have eased, roads will become busy again. More people on the road also means more people in your shop. Count-it ensures that you can safely handle this increasing flow of people, providing a safe and regulated customer journey. In addition, Count-it provides an innovative solution in the collection of insightful customer data.

Reliable real-time solution

Count-it focuses on reliable counting and providing a clear and instant interaction with the customer. Therefore, we use renowned brands and proven technology in order to create a unique and reliable solution.

Post COVID-19 benefits

Count-it is not just an investment for now. Thanks to the possibility of integrating this with PumpWatch, we enrich your data with valuable customer data for better marketing insights.

Guaranteed performance

A combination of first class technology and services provided by BigBrother ensure the highest operational standard. In addition, our in-house expertise guarantees the correct calibration and installation of Count-it in any circumstances. We make it work!