A BigBrother innovation


Prepare your carwash
for the future

The new standard

Carwashes are going through big changes. This results in shifting customer needs, as well as changing revenue models. Watch has been the security standard for over 5,000 locations throughout Europe for 20 years. The new Watch sets the bar even higher with advanced technology, a completely redesigned interface and smart modules. The world’s smartest data-driven CCTV system not only helps you to control and manage your business, it also helps you grow!


Save lots of time

Millions of images linked to historical and current data. An interface that helps you to derive the answers to your questions quickly and intuitively.

“Searching by event, transaction, employee or the colour of a car, will render answers in no time.”


More safety through active signalling

Watch makes it possible to quickly perform routine checks on matters that you find critical. In addition, the camera system itself can detect and report critical events.

“You actively want to receive that one image of the customer who activated the emergency button, spilled fuel, or a fraudulent employee.”


Grip on all processes and transactions

In addition to monitoring the security situation at your petrol station, you will be given countless opportunities to monitor and innovate your petrol station.

“Never again a wrong price on the board. And you can immediately see that the fire extinguishers are set up in the right place.”


Raise customer satisfaction

Spend less time on control and administration, and use the time saved to pay more attention to clients and hospitality.

“Watch helps you to optimise the entire customer journey and shifts the focus to your role as a host or hostess.”


An easy-to-operate system

The world’s smartest CCTV system

Watch is the standard for the security and optimisation of petrol stations.

The possibility to link all footage to transaction data, number plates, technical reports and alarms is unique.


More than 5,000 locations use Watch


Watch is intuitive and really fast. This reduces the time required to manage the petrol station while improving quality.


Watch, the standard in the protection of petrol stations, increases operational excellence at the lowest total cost of ownership.


Watch identifies dangerous situations, eliminates risks and actively provides indicators of danger or fraud.


Koen van der Knaap

“For us, Watch is the stepping stone to the next level in customer experience.''

Rik van der Meij

“Watch makes less pleasant tasks easier.”

Steven van Belleghem

“The only way to improve your service is by making it more personal. PumpWatch helps you do this.”