Happy New Year!

WatchInside 2020

Looking back at 2019, we see that changes in the market are shifting to a higher gear. Whether it is about the energy and climate debate or about the digital transformation of retail, it requires the development of new competences and business models. As an innovative supplier in the retail market, we love to work on solutions that support our customers in this acceleration. It challenges us in our profession and involves us in extraordinary developments and new partnerships.

On one hand our technical solutions support companies in automating control systems and creating actionable insights in the growing complexity of their business, additionally our people are the heart of customer support. Thanks to the growing number of BigBrother employees we continue to implement innovations successfully and deploy new technologies such as machine learning and smart algorithms. Our people are a crucial success factor for building that intelligence.

These new technologies challenge our entrepreneurship and move us in new exciting directions. This explains why we started an audit centre at the beginning of 2019. We consider it a strategic choice to support our customers in finding the evidence they are looking for by searching for images and at the same time to train our self-learning software faster.

The investments we made in 2019 are crucial to make our solutions even smarter than today. We are really looking forward to continuing this path in 2020 and determined to support our customers in growing successfully into the digital future.

Be safe and see you soon.