Audit Center Cluj

Would you have a better grip on your business and deal with your challenges differently if you knew how your station is doing on a daily basis? Do you need help with collecting evidence when you are busy? Or would you like to hand over a fraud investigation? To answer these questions, BigBrother opened its own Audit Center in the first half of 2019. With this we broaden the services we offer and we can save you even more time. Collecting evidence? No problem. A daily analysis of the state of your station? We are happy to do that too. In our Audit Center our own highly trained specialists perform the analyzes that you need to get - and keep - on your station quickly, efficiently and correctly. Our Audit team consists of real specialists in security, petrol and retail and works for dealers, retailers and network administrators.

The Audit Center is located in the third and newest location of BigBrother; Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The new branch enables us to strengthen our product development with a software development team and acceleration in the deployment of artificial intelligence. With the knowledge of colleagues from this real university city on board we can continue to innovate and support you in what your business revolves around; control of processes and optimization of the experience and expectation of your customers. Do you want to benefit from this in the short term? Then contact us for a demo of the possibilities.